Our joy for food has always been based on our passion
for local produce and good flavours from Öland & Kalmar.

When you enjoy our Swedish award-winning jam & marmalades, you
experience the true natural flavour of fruit and berries. Sun ripened strawberries or finely chopped pieces of pears make you experience true Joy of Taste.

True artisan food requires love, a human touch through all stages of
production. Local handmade food is a culture, a tradition which we want to pass on. Whether food is enjoyed during the after party of the Nobel
Banquet or at home in the garden, food is something that we talk about.
Therefore, we create food that creates conversation

During our travels throughout the world, we have discovered how food
creates an understanding of people's identity and culture. Driven by curiosity we are inspired by other food cultures which in turn brings us closer to one another. Food is about experiences and experiences shared with others will lead to true Joy of Taste from the Kingdom of Sweden

Welcome to Öland & Kalmar – the genuine taste of Sweden! 

Mona & Christer Fredriksson